Marketing Automation

Let turn your website into a sales machine

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Marketing Automation Agency

Marketing automation helps brands build stronger connections with their customers. 

We use advanced marketing tools that can automate repetitive tasks like emails, social media posts and the likes to increase brand awareness and generate better quality leads.

Social Media Experts also functions as a marketing automation agency that suggests powerful tools to effectively track, harness and increase results from your inbound marketing strategies


Automation solutions tailored to your business goals

Before recommending any automation application or system, we get to know and understand your business needs and goals, we never work from a one size fits all structure. This helps us design a comprehensive plan of attack to help your business reach new heights.   Our automation services are straightforward and simple to use.  

How it works

Marketing Automation enables businesses to automate tasks and workflows for the marketing and sales process.

Build Targeted Lists

Execute the Campaign

Measure Email/Website Behaviour & Activity

Segment Based on Activity & Score Leads

Route Qualified Leads To CRM

Move Warm Leads to Nurture Cycle

Analyse Marketing / Sales Performance


Marketing automation for small business

Marketing automation is an untapped tool that can benefit your small business. While we’re sure you have a thousand other things to take care of, marketing automation offers the benefit of optimising communications and building a strong relationship with your customers.

Marketing automation gives businesses the freedom to focus on the day to day goals, without worrying about the success of your marketing campaigns. Our automated marketing tools provide consistency and allow businesses to schedule tasks in a timely manner.   

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